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Representing Like Jordan

I was talking with a friend and he was telling me about watching The Last Dance and he mentioned an incredible story. So I had to look it up. During the 92 olympics Reebok sponsored the US national team. And after the US won gold they were to be presented their gold medals while wearing their uniforms which had the Reebok logo on it. However, we all know that Jordan’s brand is Nike (now Jordan under the Nike brand). Because that was the case, he and a couple of other players who were also sponsored by other brands came up with a plan to cover up the Reebok logo so that they would not be represent Reebok in any way. The players folded down their collars and covered up the logo. But Your Airness draped the American flag over his shoulder and covered his up! When I heard this it immediately made me ask the question how do I represent the savior. God has placed his brand on us. He has given us his name. Paul in Ephesians said we should live lives worthy of the gospel. We could never live a life that is deserving of salvation. So what is Paul saying then? I believe he is saying we should live a life that represents the amazingness and wonder of what the gospel has done in our lives. Christ has placed his name on us as his church and he says he has done this in order to display his surpassing glory to all of creation. I wonder sometimes do I take this branding (God placing his name on me) as seriously as Jordan takes his sponsorship? At the biggest stage do I seek to lift up the one who has called me to himself or do I settle and let the brands of this world (money, success, sports, relationships, etc.) represent me. So I want to ask you the same question. How committed are you to repping the name of Christ?

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