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What is #eVANgLIFE?

#eVANgLife is our missionary ministry into the Vanlifers, Schoolies, RVers and all other digital nomad communities. We felt called to journey into a different lifestyle to share the good news of Christ and develop a strong foundation of discipleship there.  We've talked with people, watched videos, saw posts, and found the spiritual darkness in the community upsetting. There is wicca, paganism, new age spirituality and atheism throughout this group of people and because they do not stay in a specific location for very long it is a community that is not actively pursued by the church. Christians in this lifestyle also are in desperate need for community.  Those who are christians are seeking family and friendship to engage and grow in their faith in a lifestyle that is lonely.  God has placed a burden on our hearts to reach those in this situation.  We want to minister to people in this lifestyle, bring them to faith in Christ, grow a community of believers actively seeking to trust in Christ more daily, and provide nourishment for those who long for the word, prayer and fellowship. 

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Our Vision with #eVANgLIFE is to see the nomadic community transformed by the gospel, established in Christ, and on mission to the people around them.

The Vision

The Mission

Our Mission with #eVANgLIFE is to share the gospel, train up nomadic believers, and equip them with the tools to be witnesses and to disciple others to live lives worthy of the gospel.

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How We Do This

We do this by traveling to where the people are! We go to strategic areas where nomads love to travel.  There we meet people, build relationships, preach the gospel, disciple new believers, and cultivate biblical community. Then we go with that community to the many gatherings and events that take place within the digital nomad community and do mass evangelism. As we build community in both ways we will continue discipleship through this website and its discipleship building content.

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Support Us 

We would love for you to pray for us! Please pray for us in these areas:

  • Meeting people receptive to the gospel

  • Boldness in sharing the gospel

  • Finding believers who share our heart on the road

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We would love for you to Give!

Your gift goes towards:

  • Sharing meals with people

  • Missionary training

  • Evangelism and Discipleship material

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