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Creating ways to help you trust in Jesus more


Here are free resources so that you can grow in your trust in Jesus.  

Trust in Jesus Ministries the Podcast Channel was developed to create content that
aids in the understanding of scripture, grow in a biblical worldview, and live as a christian in a fallen world. 

Trust in Jesus Ministries Youtube Channel has created series' for discipleship and growth. There are long form and short form content designed specifically to increase one's knowledge on the character of God, biblical and systematic theology, discipleship, and devotion to help walk out practically God's will in life.

This Curriculum was designed to help someone walk the foundations of a biblical life. 
The curriculum brings together the why, the what, and the how of discipleship for anyone looking to be discipled or learn how to disciple another. 


Blogs are written to help stir and inspire faith and trust in Jesus by using biblical text mingled with examples from popular culture. 
Each has a unique way to help understand how to live life in a broken culture.

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