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Our Purpose

Who We Are

We love Jesus and have found great comfort in trusting in him.  When things get difficult, whatever the circumstance,  knowing that Jesus is in control brings comfort because he knows everything (he knows what's going to happen, how we feel etc.), is the wisest person alive (so he knows what to do with all that knowledge!) , never lies (so he always keeps his promises!) and has all the power (so that means he can make sure what needs to happen, happens!).  And even better than that is he uses all these things for his glory and for OUR good because he loves us!



Our vision here at Trust in Jesus Ministries is to see people learn to trust in Jesus more. Whether it be for the first time for salvation or more everyday in the biggest dreams to the smallest details of their lives.


Our Mission here at Trust in Jesus Ministries is (1) to teach the gospel so that people know it completely and are able to respond to it with faith and trust in Jesus, (2) to help create a growing trust relationship with Jesus, and (3) equip those in this process to help another do the same.

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