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Opportunities for Trust

Grace has been reading through 1 Samuel and came to the passage where David was anointed King. In the next chapter after his anointing he was summoned by Saul, the current King to play his harp for him so that he would be calmed. David was like turning on the chill music station on apple music.

What got her and struck me as well was that David just got up and went. That had to be a very scary situation. I would have been paranoid. I mean just after finding out I was gonna be the next king (and I’m not the King’s son) then the King calls me to court, there have got to be some spies! I’m doomed! But that’s not what happened to David. If he was scared (which I bet he was!) David didn’t let fear ruin him. He went faithfully because he trusted God. God said through his prophet Samuel that he would be King. And if God said it would happen, it was sure to take place. Because God doesn’t lie. So let's take a lesson from David today. If God has called you to do a work and he has called all of us to something (Ephesians 2:10); then let's take that next step and trust that God will see that work carried through in us, no matter the difficulty.

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