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The Eclipse and Signs of God

At the beginning of the week we just had a solar eclipse event.  An amazing celestial occurrence that though it does happen frequently, it’s not that frequently.  Events like these often bring up reminders of the coming of the Lord.  There are many passages in the bible that speak about the sun darkening during the noon day.  This description is most likely talking about some kind of eclipse.  But I wanted to write this to encourage you (though encouragement can be found in the return of Jesus).

I first want to encourage you to remember the wonder and the beauty of God’s creation.  We just witnessed (if you were fortunate to see) a rarity in the cosmos that God has orchestrated us to partake.  If you didn’t take advantage of that it's a shame.  I know that we all have things going on and stuff to do but whenever we get a chance to behold some marvel by the mighty hand of God, we should do so.  I read an article that talked about all the things that the eclipse could be represented or interpreted as in the scriptures; however, the point of her articles was to say how marvelous the eclipse is and how it magnifies the glory of God in the heavens.  I hope this was evident over the past week and I hope that in it we see God in all of the other things in life as well.  

Second, I want to encourage you that God is present.  The eclipse gave us a unique opportunity to witness the sky without the light of the sun for however many seconds you were blessed to witness it.  In the past there was a feeling of dread and confusion.  I heard this was so much so for the Persians and the Medes that they actually declared peace with each other because it was an omen in the sky.  Today though we mostly view it as a scientific event, but as the sun representing God, I think we still feel this dread.  What I mean by this is that sometimes we feel God is long gone.  We don’t feel or see his goodness in our lives and so we feel captured, wrecked, doomed, lonely, or distant.  But the fact is that God is still very present.  He is still moving, active, and living in the smallest details of our lives.  What is hindering us from seeing, hearing, or feeling his presence is an obstacle obstructing our view.  Just like the sun is still present during an eclipse and all seems in chaos (animals went crazy during the eclipse) God is still there though it may seem like chaos all around.  God is still in control.  

Finally I want to encourage you to seek the Lord while he may be found.  Though this might not be a sign of the end times it is a specific way by using imagery of what we know to remind us of the return of our King.  Don’t let the things of life take away the urgency for the need for evangelism and holy living. Jesus commands us to be ready so may you be ready for his return and be found well done, good and faithful.

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