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Championships, Eclipses, and Jesus

Have you thought about the difficulty it is to win a championship in the NCAA tournament?  For many people March is their favorite time of the year for this very reason. Anything can happen. You have one shot, one game.  If you survive you advance.  Now imagine doing that again.  That is incredible.  It is a rarer occurrence to win the NCAA championship back to back than it is for a solar eclipse to happen. This just emphasizes the magnitude of the accomplishment that UCONN has achieved in their win over Purdue.  

As I contemplate the difficulty, the rarity, and the beauty of all the things that have occurred over the last few weeks (my little niece was born too!) I can’t help but think about the wonder of Jesus.  How he was born, lived, died, and was raised to life over 2000 years ago.  His life was recorded in the scriptures and these trustworthy writings bear evidence to so many prophecies that foretold his coming.  I read in an article that the chances of Jesus fulfilling just 8 prophecies out of all there are in the scriptures that spoke of him is something like 1 in 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.  That is an insane number.  Here is a visual picture I’ve heard before. If you covered the state of Texas with silver dollars up to two feet deep and then marked one of those coins and mixed them up thoroughly.  It would be the same chance (probability) that a man blindfolded would pick up the coin that was marked. That is a pretty amazing stat.  

In a daily devotional I do on our YouTube page I asked four questions about the scriptures.  I want to ask one of those now.  What does that say about God that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies about him, not just the eight I showed you the numbers with? What I think it shows is the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God.  This lets everyone know that when God makes a statement it will absolutely come to pass.  God is FAITHFUL.

As you think about life after the eclipse or think about the next sporting event coming up let me remind you of the faithfulness of God.  If you have not trusted him over your life, do so today.  Not only is he faithful to do all that he says but he is wise.  His wisdom placed properly over our lives brings joy and peace and that is what I wish over you.  May you see his faithfulness and goodness so you might live under his reign.  If you have God as king of your life, let him be king over every aspect.  Let no part go unlit by his marvelous rays.  Let him have control fully and see what happens.

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