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Key and Peele, What an Example

I was scrolling through Instagram (like we all do) and I came across a Key and Peele skit that was insane. They never shy away from giving an honest view of society and doing it in a way that people can relate to. This one however was definitely pushing close to the edge. It showed a pop star on a tv show like the ones they had in the 2000s, a live countdown of all the top songs. There was a crowd and the popstar was asked questions about some of her songs she was putting out that was causing bad consequences to those who followed it. The pop singer just ignored those comments and continued to tell the girls to be free from the world's constraints by living a sexually open lifestyle. This was how they were to break the chains of society and declare to the world they own themselves. The show went to a commercial break and the pop star went back to her dressing room. There it revealed that the female popstar was actually a male and he began laughing.

This was a pretty different view of women's liberation than I’d seen. I don’t pay much attention to trends (unless it's conveyed in tv shows or movies) that are going on lately so I’m not really speaking on that. But what I do want to talk about is how this is the exact way Satan seeks to deceive us.

Genesis chapter 3 says that the serpent was the most cunning of all the creatures that God had made. This serpent is most likely Satan (Rev 12:9). He uses his cunning to make us believe what is wrong for us is actually good. He did this with Eve. She was deceived into believing that life and pleasure would come from disobeying God. But in the end it was death and pain.

Satan is still trying to do the same things today. He is making us believe that God’s word isn’t true or that the lusts of this world won’t really harm us. We cannot be deceived. Let’s take an example from Key and Peele’s skit and from the narrative of Eve in the garden (I mention only Eve because Adam was not deceived, he was just straight up in defiance of God). Let’s learn from their suffering to trust in the goodness and profitability of the words of God. Let’s believe them and trust that they give life and ignore the whispers of the tempter.

If you haven’t yet trusted Jesus with your life, do so today. There is no person who is more trustworthy. He demonstrated that by his death for us. Take his hand in faith and let him continue to show why he is called faithful.

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