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Young Sous-Chefs and Partnering with Christ.

Cooking is a joy of mine. I love to make meals with fresh ingredients, create my own sauces, and serve someone just some good food. It's one of my favorite things to do. I was at a good friend's house visiting while I was in town and offered to cook for them. I was glad they said yes! I made soup. And their kids asked to help me prepare the meal. Of course I said yes!

It was a delight to see the joy on their faces and to see their eyes light up as they chop the potatoes and kale, dump the onions and chicken broth in the pot, stand on chairs to stir the ingredients together, and just tell me how they are allowed to turn on the oven but not put anything in it! It was a great time! It reminded me of our relationship with God. God longs to partner with us in creating a new world. We have the privilege of sharing the message of the Gospel and discipling believers to a better relationship with him. It's something that's beyond comprehension to me. With the girls, I would have done more and done it quicker without them. And I probably would have had less of a headache at times (though I loved working with them both) because I wouldn’t have to deal with the complaints, the arguments, and the attitudes. But when they served the meal to their family and we ate together and everyone said the food was delicious, joy radiated from their faces like a million suns and it was so wonderful to be a part. And I believe that’s how it is with God. He definitely could send the message of the Gospel through angels, a voice from heaven, or some other miraculous way, but he chose us. I’m sure it's definitely more difficult! The church is undoubtedly not without problems, but as his people come together and he empowers us through his spirit, the work gets completed and in the process he sees the joy on our faces as he does amazing things through us and ultimately at the consummation of all things when Jesus returns and we are holy and perfected in him, he will take joy in the ultimate gladness we will have in seeing new creation which he has brought about through us. And we will praise him infinitely for that! “For the LORD takes pleasure in his people; he adorns the humble with salvation.” Psalm 149:4.

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