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Trust in Jesus

I’ve been going through Romans in my greek tutoring session and I got to the part about Abraham. It begins to talk about walking in the faith of Abraham. Paul writes about justification and righteousness given to Abraham because he believed God. And then Paul talks about how he was a type or a model for us today. And as I began to think about what that meant God struck me. The reason he was given righteousness (besides the fact that God is gracious and good) is because he trusted what God said. Abraham believed that he would receive a child and become a father of many nations despite all of the negative circumstances around him. Scripture says he never wavered in his faith but believed that God was able to do what he said he would do. And that is how we are saved now. Salvation comes when we trust that when Jesus said he would pay the price for our sin (he would be a ransom for sin) that he did it. It was finished on the cross. And we don’t doubt that no matter how messed up we’ve been (or will be) no matter how much the world, Satan, or self tries to say it isn’t true, we still trust in the words of Jesus. I guess the thing for us which is a bit easier than with Abraham is we have a record of God’s faithfulness. He hasn’t failed in accomplishing all he has said he will do. Abraham didn’t have that. He didn’t know God would make good on his promise. When Abraham was called he was a pagan, worshiping things which are not God, yet he believed. So I got to ask. Do you trust in Jesus? If not, why not?

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