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Tragedy Creates Trust

The injury on Monday night football was scary to watch. A player playing a sport he loves sustains injuries that have him in critical condition in the hospital. The injury to Damar Hamlin may have serious impacts on the way the game is played in the future. But I know that his injury has had serious implications on the glory of Christ right now. In this tragedy we see an entire stadium on bended knee to pray on the behalf of Damar.

Damar Hamlin

On television, live broadcasting, we see a man praying openly to the God of the universe. What tragedy does is it brings a boldness about our faith that otherwise may not have surfaced. When we face times like these we do two things. We run or we cling. It looks like the sports nation has decided to cling to God. We have learned to trust in Jesus more during this seasons of struggle. James the brother of Jesus said (James 1:2-3) we should count it as joy when these tragedy happens. Not because the struggle is joyous. Absolutely not! But it's because of what the struggle does. It produces faithful endurance. And this faithful endurance is trust. So may we find joy in these struggles and trials, because we know that through them we can learn to lean on and trust in Jesus more.

Buffalo Bills team and fans praying for Damar Hamlin.

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