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Sands on the Seashore

Have you ever thought about how much sand is on the seashore? I’ve been on the beautiful beach of Florida lately and that's been on my mind. In the book of Genesis God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the sands on the seashore.  What a statement that must have been to him.  Abraham was super old and had no children yet and for him to think that his children would be that numerous kind of sounds far fetched.  That to me is why the statement “Abraham believed (trusted) God” is so profound.  

Trusting is a hard thing to do.  I know it has been a problem in my life to trust people to do what they say they are going to do.  Many have promised one thing and failed to do it.  They say they will offer something but fail to hold up their end of the deal. I’m sure you have had the same thing happen to you. But God does not do this. His character and his abilities are different from man. God is omniscient so he knows what’s going to happen. He is all wise, so he knows the right choice to make. He is all powerful so he has the ability and power to accomplish the task.  This is precisely why he can be trusted.  

I also see the results of his statements earlier.  He is faithful in all that he has said.  The descendants that Abraham was promised are real.  They are the people of true Israel.  Those who have called upon Christ as their savior king are the progeny of father Abraham.  The people who have followed in the footsteps of the faith of Abraham could be said to be as numerous as the sands of the seashore. How amazing is that! So Unlike Abraham, who did not have all of the history of the provision of God, we have so much evidence.  God’s faithfulness has been placed under tension and has not broken. Place your trust in the King who cares. Let him prove his faithfulness and goodness in your life.

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