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Salt of the Earth

I just finished some popcorn. I enjoy it as a nice snake because it's low calorie, cheesy and salty. But what it does to me is make me thirsty. Salt tends to do that. I read on google (which is always right, right?) that this happens because salt bonds with water and releases it as waste. So the more salt you intake the thirstier you get (because salt needs more water to bond to). This reminds me of what Jesus says about christians. He declares that we are the salt of the earth. And then Jesus goes further and talks about its taste. When Jesus says we are there to salt the earth he might be saying that our purpose is to stir up a thirst for him in others. If we live like we are called to then those who are around us get a taste of who Jesus is by seeing our life and this will stir up a desire to know him. Jesus and Peter both say that may others glorify our heavenly father when they see our good works. So I have to ask this question to myself and I want to ask you as well. Does what you do stir up a desire to know God? If after hearing that you ask, “What does that life look like?” I’ll answer you in two ways. One is by loving each other. Loving the people of God. Jesus says this is how the world will know that we are his. And second, live lives of integrity (holiness). Jesus says that others will see these deeds and glorify our father in heaven.

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I am a servant of Jesus looking to grow everyday in knowing my savior more.  I am married to the most amazing woman. I have an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I am looking to pursue my Doctorate soon.


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