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Patiently Waiting

It is so hard to be patient! There’s nothing worse than sitting and waiting on something to happen. We live in a microwave, instant gratification world.  We have to have it now. But isn’t there beauty in waiting? Isn’t there wonder in waiting.  I recently got the chance to see a sunrise in the desert mountain view and oh was it spectacular.  Just a wonder to see the sun cast its rays on all of the land and then finally see it crest over the mountain peak through stone arches in the desert. What a scene.  And it was definitely worth the wait.  But in the waiting I saw some people come and go.  Did you know the weather channel app tells you when the sun will rise and set? I think some used that app to try to pinpoint the sunrise time and arrived at what they thought was “just in time”, but because we were in the mountains we had to wait longer for the sun to peak over the mountains, so many people left before seeing this majesty revealed. When the sun finally came up, I thought to myself, “man, they really missed a beautiful sunrise”.  And in that moment I thought patience is a quality that is supremely beneficial. Because joy is born from patience.

2 Peter says that it is the patience of God that is our salvation (2 Peter 3:15).  It is because the Lord is patient that I am able to join his kingdom.  It’s because the Lord is patient that I am able to find a home in Christ.  It is his patience that I am adopted into the family. How good is our God that he would endure so that we might have a place everlasting in him. May he be praised forever amen!

This not only applies to us though.  It also applies to those in whom we hope may enter the kingdom of heaven.  What goes alongside patience is endurance.  We must continue to endure rejection and ridicule in sharing the gospel to those around us because if we are patient then our patience can be salvation. As we continue to speak truth in love, God is working in the hearts of those we testify to and the Spirit moves them to repentance.  And because of our patient endurance we see someone join the family of God.  When we patiently endure, we see how God works through any and every situation that takes place in our lives.  We get to see the tapestry that was woven together to produce a beautiful artwork revealed.

Let me encourage you.  Have patience. Endure.  For just as we waited on the sunrise and witnessed the beauty of God’s wonderful nature so will it be that we will see God’s supernatural beauty as we wait in whatever situation he has us in now for the glory that will be revealed.  God bless you in the waiting.

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