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It's Hard but It's Worth it

We want the miracle drug.  The one drink, the one pill, the one 'whatever' to take away all our problems and bring to us all our desires. My wife and I have been in a season of change in regards to how we eat and exercise.  I want to see results right away but that’s not the case; and that's hard. It’s no different with Christianity.  We want to run to God so that all the wrong can be right and it be right in an instant.  It just isn’t that way. Grace and I were reading in Mark and it read that when Jesus was baptised the Father confirmed in how he was pleased with his son and the Spirit descended upon Jesus.  Directly after that Jesus was whisked away for a time of testing and temptation. We were thinking about what that could mean and what stood out to Grace was Jesus didn’t get a reprieve.  He received the Spirit and glory from the father and didn’t get a chance to dance in it.  It wasn’t the next day that the enemy began to attack, it was the very next moment.   In that moment I was reminded that when we join the family of God that is when the real struggle begins.  The devil doesn't care until we take a stand, the world doesn't care until we take a stand, and the flesh doesn't care until we take a stand.  Today I want to encourage you that the things we hope will be better, will be better.  That peace that you’ve been longing for will come.  That love that you’ve been searching for can be found.  And that salvation that you know is out there has come. But when you choose to stand on the side of God’s kingdom, to plant your life firmly on his sovereign ground it will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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I am a servant of Jesus looking to grow everyday in knowing my savior more.  I am married to the most amazing woman. I have an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I am looking to pursue my Doctorate soon.


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