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Finding Room for the Ninja CREAMi

We all love ice cream right?  There are few foods in this world that are universally enjoyed.  Pizza is one.  I’ve met maybe one person in my life who doesn’t enjoy a slice of pizza.  And ice cream is the other.  Grace and I eat ice cream a lot.  We eat maybe 2 or 3 pints of ice cream a week.  But the ice cream expenses started to rack up.  We buy this ice cream called Halo Top. It's lower calorie so of course it’s higher cost.  So we decided to invest in a Ninja CREAMi (if you don’t know what that is you got to check it out!)

We don’t have much space in the van so at first I was adverse to it.  “Where are we gonna put that thing?” “How will we even run it?”  “It’s too expensive” These were all things running through my mind as I was contemplating on what I needed to do to secure this product.  When I told Grace she was on board; she had the same thoughts and the same questions.  We decided to get it (and have never looked back!).

In order for us to get the Ninja CREAMi we had to sacrifice a few things.  Room in the freezer.  In order for us to have the pints to eat you have to prepare them and set them in the freezer for 24 hrs.  For vanlife this is tough because we don’t have much freezer space already (if you even have a freezer) and storing pints gives us less space.  We sacrificed storage space.  We had to give up the space we used for my electronics cabinet (so a HUGE sacrifice for me!). But it was all worth it.

If we really want something we will find a way to get it. Where there is a will there is a way.

I’m reminded of the Joseph narrative when a famine had devastated the land of Cannan and the sons of Israel were forced to secure food from Egypt.  Their first journey had ended with the ultimatum, bring your younger brother to Egypt or receive no provisions.  So when they were needing more provisions their younger brother Benjamin had to come.  The problem was that their father wasn’t having it.  He had already lost one son (from the same mother) and did not want to lose this one.  But they really needed food.  This was a life or death famine.  A sacrifice was made.  Judah put up his life as surety.  There’s a sacrifice.  He would trade his life for the life of Benjamin.  Israel gave up his happiness. He said “If i am bereaved, I will be bereaved.” There’s a sacrifice.   All because food was needed not only to save themselves but future generations.  

What’s important to us drives our actions.  The greatest example we see of this is when Christ gave himself up on the cross for us.  Where there is a will there is a way.  God loves mankind in such a way that even though we destroyed the perfection he created for us he made a way for all to be restored, both us and the rest of creation. 

So let me ask you this question. How important is God? We often make excuses and reasons for not following his commands.  We speak with our tongue praise but with our hands we do what we want.  Where there is a will there is a way.  And Christ has provided that way through his Spirit.  If we would only submit.  Will you submit to the Lord today?  Will you trust in his purpose and plan for you and the entire universe? Don’t make any excuses today.  Just commit and follow.  

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