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Wind River Rally

Hudson, WY, USA

How God Worked!

We had another great time at Wind River Rally! This one started out a little wild. We had to trudge through mud and muck to get to the place we stayed. Luckily we didn’t get stuck like so many of the other vans did. There was a good samaritan pulling everybody out of the mud to the campsite with his 4x4 sprinter as well as a lady grabbing traction boards so people could get themselves unstuck! It was mayhem! Then after that it rained all night. So with the night rain you can imagine the problem people had pulling into the event the next day. Because of that there were not nearly as many people as normally would have come to the event. But that didn’t stop us!

This event had us meet again with a couple of people that we met at previous events. We saw a lady from one of our first events, Weird Wild West. We didn’t get to talk to her much, but she did introduce us to a few other people that we got to have conversations with and share info. A second person we saw again was one of the ladies that were caravanning together (We mentioned her in a previous update HERE). We saw the lady that was a friend of the faith. We were encouraged to see her again and she shared information about another group that may be doing the same things we are. We are going to check them out and maybe hook up with them to have community in this lifestyle! We also talked with her about joining our women’s bible study and hope she does. However, Satan did hinder us; we could not get her number because everytime she came around Grace was on a call for something work related (she has no social media either). We know we will come across her again because we talked about events we were mutually attending.

We also had the opportunity to share the gospel with a few people and talk to them about our faith and what they believed. One was brought up in a background of Baptist faith but identified as queer. We talked about what he thought about God and how his lifestyle aligned with the desires of Jesus. We also talked with a man and a couple from Israel. The couple practiced the faith and the man was only Jewish by blood. He respected the traditions but did not believe them. With these we talked about the nature of grace, the ability to fulfill the law and what salvation was. In these conversations I learned a little more about modern Judaism and I hope to have planted a seed of the goodness of Jesus.

With each event we are shown different ways that we are to do ministry and this event was no different. As we talked with the lady who is a friend of the faith one of the things she said she missed was having a gathering of believers. So this event we did just that. We decided to do a chaplain service that Sunday. We told different people and prepared songs and a short message; however, no one showed up. What a bummer. It was kind of disheartening, but we know that this is what God wants us to do. This next event we plan to contact the event planner and see if we can be placed on the schedule. Hopefully this will make more people aware of the service and also remind them of the time and the place the service will happen.

God’s been doing great things and we would love for you to continue in prayer that he would do even more. Please pray for these three things with us as we continue on our missions. 1. That we would meet with the lady again and are able to exchange numbers so we can grow in a relationship with her. 2. The hearts of the people who we encounter on our missions and for our boldness to share the truth of the gospel with them. And, 3. That we would be able to get our Chaplain service on the events lists at the next event we go and that people would show up to participate.

We want to thank you for your support through prayer and if you would like to give monetarily just click HERE. All the proceeds will go towards gas, event fees, campgrounds, and resources to help in evangelism and discipleship of those we encounter. Thanks again and we will see you after the next event!