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Vanfest Utah Vanlife Halloween

Hurricane, UT, USA

Vanfest was insane!  There was so much great music, good people, and crazy weather.  It was so insane even the wind was playing up to the name of the city, Hurricane, Utah (though they say it really doesn’t get that windy there). 

While we were at the event we got to showcase our van!  Through this we were able to meet with and talk to many people and share the gospel.  It was an excellent opportunity to get connected with other vanlifers who will be traveling alongside us. 

We also held our fourth chapel service over the weekend.  This time people came without us even being placed on the schedule! Praise God!  It was encouraging because our first service we held; a few events ago, no one came because they didn't know we were having chapel or those that did know didn't remember there was a service.  It was also encouraging to hear that others appreciated our service even though they did not attend.  There were many that heard us singing in worship.  Just to be able to influence others thoughts in the morning through distant singing is an encouragement to us on the witness of our God amongst people who are not believing.  

We also met an awesome couple who in some capacity are doing what we do. We found in them a couple whom we can partner with in sharing the gospel.  It was so great to hear another person on the road that openly and excitedly shared their faith and was still active in their community of believers while on the road. They are out there folks! We are also hoping to meet up with another couple that we hope might partner in intentionally sharing the love of God to the nomadic community.  

Please pray that we continue to grow and maintain connections with the believers we see on the road.  Pray that we are able to partner with them strategically in order to intentionally share the gospel with the people who are in our nomadic community.  

Please pray for our van as well.  There has definitely been more problems lately in the maintenance of the van.  We have had some discouraging things happen that Satan is trying to use to distract us from our goal. Pray we stay encouraged and trusting in God’s sovereignty over the whole situation.

We also want to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us in our ministry by giving monetarily.  God is doing amazing things in this community and we want you to be a part of it!

We thank you for all your prayers and support.  We’ll see you at the next event!

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