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Vanfest Flordia

Viera, FL, USA

How God Worked!

Vanfest was so much fun! It was our entrance back into vanlife and it went well!  We saw so many of the people we have built relationships with on the road and got to share some time with them again.  We also met a lot of new people that we hope to see close in the future.  There are a lot of events going on in Florida this time of year and have already made plans to meet a lot of them again.

At Vanfest we had the opportunity to be placed on the schedule and host a chapel service.  It was a success.  We had around 10 people come and participate in worship with us.  During this time we had the opportunity to share the gospel and talk about our purpose in the nomadic community.  We also had a unique memory maker as toward the end of our service a deluge like the one in Genesis 6 happened.  And unfortunately we did not have any cover so we got a little wet.  It is funny how the enemy tries to thwart the plan of God when Satan sees God’s Spirit moving. 

We also met many new people while we camped there for a couple of days.  We made a friend whom we will catch up with at the next two events we’re going to here in Florida.  We got to pray with him and provide some comforting words through some trials he is facing.  We also met up with a woman who wanted to bless our ministry with bracelets to give away and a man who provided us with pamphlets on forgiveness.  We are currently looking for the best way for these to supplement our current goals in Trust in Jesus Ministries.  

God has definitely encouraged us in this first venture back and we hope that this success continues as we head to the next event.  Pray that God continues to give us positive experiences.  Pray that he helps us to stay energized and focused on his plans for our ministry and that we not get distracted or relaxed with any of the success that we do have. Pray for the hearts of those that we will come in contact with, that they be ready and willing to listen and respond in faith. Finally pray for boldness to share the gospel and testify to the truth that changes lives.

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