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Tiny Fest

Del Mar, CA, USA

How God Worked!

Grace and I finally went to our first event and it was great! As soon as we got there, at the entrance gate, we met a nice couple that we connected with! We talked with them for a little bit and kept running into them! We tried to meet up but Satan hindered us. However, by God's grace they may be in Tucson where we are headed next and we can meet up with them and finally get to eat a meal together and share the gospel!

The way we connected with the couple above is exactly how we wanted to minister to this community. But as we explored the event and the surrounding circumstances, God began to reveal to us that maybe there is another path to entering into the lives of this awesome community. We believe (1) God has called me to be a chaplain in this community. Grace and I want to make our ministry known so that those who feel they need spiritual guidance and help will feel free to come up to us during some of the toughest seasons of their lives out on the road. Maybe we could be the people that turn their course to Christ in such tragedies. We believe (2) that we need to enter ourselves into the events when they are showcases and not just gatherings. In this way we will have a greater platform to meet people and those who are friendly can reach out for community with us.

Overall its been a great time and we hope that our next event in Tucson will go well. This next one is an entirely different type of event than Tiny Fest so we are anxious to see what God will show us there and the people we will be able to reach out with the gospel and in community there!

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