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Skoolie Swarm

Melrose, FL, USA

How God Worked!

Skooliie Swarm was a blast! A unique experience in our ventures through vanlife for sure.  During this event we found a real community of believers.  This event asked me to come and speak during their service on Sunday.  I knew then it would be a different kind of event. 

We collected many names, numbers, social media handles, and more to try and stay connected with this beautiful community.  It was so encouraging to be lifted up and exhorted by the family of believers there.  During this event we had the opportunity to learn of different ministries that these nomads were involved in.  ASL ministries, building ministries, and deliverance ministries, all traveling in vans to be on mission in growing the kingdom.  None were quite like ours in who we ministered to but they each had something to offer so we might integrate those principles in what we are doing here at Trust in Jesus Ministries.  

Because of the christian community that presented itself, many opportunities for discipleship took place.  It was great to be able to minister in this capacity because God has placed this passion on my heart. To be able to share and help others grow their trust in Jesus in person was a great highlight for the weekend.

There were still lost people at this event though.  We did some tours and noticed different elements of new age, native, and other spiritual religions spaced throughout the vans.  And we asked about their thoughts on Jesus and what their relationship was with him.  We continue to plant the seed and we are just patiently waiting for God to give the increase.

Chapel was a great time and there were so many that turned out.  God continues to increase those listening and remembering who we are as we travel to the various events.  We pray this continues and more of the ministry services we have prepared might be utilized since we will have a more remembered presence.  

Prayer is needed guys and we want to ask that you pray for us and the various other ministries that we are creating and trying to implement in the nomadic community.  Pray that the vanlifers we encounter will begin to seek our services in prayer, growth, and counsel.  Pray that we are prepared for these opportunities when they come. 

If you would like to support us through a monetary donation you can check out our ‘Support Us’ tab and read about our vision, mission, and goal at Trust in Jesus Ministries and how we plan to carry that out.  

If you would like to meet up and hang out or see what our ministry is all about in person head to the ‘Our Travels 2024’ page and see where we are headed and join us in the field. 

Thanks for your support and love.  We’ll see you at the next event!

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