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RV Supershow Tampa

Tampa, FL, USA

How God Worked!

We hit the biggest RV show on the east coast and it was a blast! We had fun seeing all sorts of RVs.  We even got a few ideas on how to improve our next one! We are loving the life so much we’re thinking about a next one haha!  This event we went to was a bit different than our normal stops.  This event was mostly big business venders selling goods to us RVers, so our goal was a bit different coming to this one than when we go to most.  It was still a great success because we got to hang out with one of our nomad buddies and build a relationship.  We will be able to continue to have pretty constant contact with this person throughout our time in Florida and all the events we have here.  It’s just an honor for God to allow us to be able to meet so many wonderful people and share the gospel with them. 

Be praying that God would work in her heart to make the connection between faith and works.  Be praying that God would move her to take a more active approach to understanding what it means to live out this life God has called us to.

Also be praying for our future events that are coming up.  Check them all out HERE and pray over them as we head to each with the gospel in hand! 

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