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Peace Love & Vans

Dade City, FL, USA

Peace, Love, and Vans was amazing! We had a great time even though the rains came.  It was definitely a Genesis chapter 6 type feel, but it was still good.  We met a lot of people again and got to listen to stories, share our story, pray with people, and be prayed over by people.  It was a very encouraging event.  

We met an amazing couple that is venturing out as missionaries in their van.  They are fresh fish that are diving into what they believe God has called them to and we got to give them a few tips to help them on their journey. It was such a blessing to meet them and we will definitely keep in touch to aid them in their ministry with the homeless. We also hope to partner with them as a way to give opportunities for others to serve while on the road.  Intentional service is a key part of a life in Christ and that activity does not stop just because home is where you park it! Please be in prayer for them as they head out in this ministry and as we seek to partner with them in it. 

Another praise is the reception we had at the chapel service.  We saw many attend. They shared their enthusiasm with us because there were services for those who want to worship.  This is definitely God confirming the decision we made to start holding these services.  As a believer, community is vital, especially amongst a group that can be isolated for extended periods of time.  Please pray that these chapel services will continue to fill the gap in the vanlife community for believers to give thanks together.

Opportunities for discipleship have increased.  God has placed in our lives people who genuinely desire to be a part of our lives.  We hope that through this the discipleship relationship can begin. Pray that the hearts of these individuals will be prepared by the holy spirit to receive awesome life breathing truths but what also may be difficult to comprehend and receive at times. We have developed and are continuing to develop more material to help in this goal but we know it is only by God’s spirit that understanding can ultimately be achieved.

This event was great!  Remember to check out all the places we’ve been and how God has worked in our lives and the lives of this nomadic community.  If you would like to partner with us in our ministry through monetary support click on the button below.  We’ll see you at the next event!

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