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Nomads Unite

Plant City, FL, USA

How God Moved!!

Well this one wasn’t what we expected but it was still great!  We had a lot of encounters with people we previously seen from our recent nomad gatherings.  It’s cool to see how we can meet up so often even though we could be anywhere.  

This event was on a property that is considered sacred ground.  Not sure by who or what and I did enquire. There was just no definitive answer that anyone would give me.  It definitely showed in some of the people that were there. They were nice but not many wanted or had interest in Jesus.

There were some highlights that occurred at the event. 1. We connected with a lot of people and shared info.  We hope to maintain contact with all of the new people we met. 2. Believers are still showing up to chapel.  Even though we weren’t able to be on the schedule at this event for chapel service, the believers who desired community in Christ showed up.  This was encouraging.  3. We were able to give chapel services.  We talked with and prayed over a man who was having some struggles in family life. This is one of the big things we want the nomadic community to know we offer. It was a blessing to be able to serve in that capacity. 4. Many of the people who were at this event talked about heading to the next event that we are going to.  By God’s grace we will encounter them again when we get there.

Will you join us in prayer for opportunities to share the gospel.  Pray also for boldness when we do.  Pray for Chapel as we seek to hold them at every festival, that they would be fruitful building of the believer and convicting gospel for the non.  

If God has placed it on your heart to partner with us monetarily, below is a clickable button which will direct you to easy payment instructions.  

May God bless you and we’ll see you on our next journey.

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