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Mountain View, New Mexico, USA

Moonlanding was another adventure! We were so excited to get back and be able to do ministry after a bit of a hiatus. (See what we were up to HERE.)  Moonlanding was in Ramah, AZ where we were in the desert heat during the day and the frigid cold during the night. What a time!  There we reconnected with friends and acquaintances.  Some who we met only one time but quickly connected with again and others who we’ve seen quite a few times and gained a deeper friendship!  We have found that by attending specific events we have found a community of vanlifers that we can establish ourselves as a place of spiritual guidance and a community to those who are interested. 

We got to hold our second chapel service at Moonlanding and it was great! We had about 7 or 8 people pass through during the time of the service and 3 stay throughout.  We had fellowship, shared the word, and worshiped in song together. It was definitely a blessing.  One of the things we are realizing out on the road is that there is a community of believers that desire to hear the word and it has been a blessing to bring that community together! We exchanged socials and are planning to reconnect as we head to the upcoming events.  

However, the goal of eVANgLIFE is not just to foster spiritual community and to grow in discipleship.  It is to evangelize (hints the name!!).  We are having conversations with people about God, spirituality, and faith but this is a slow process.  People have been willing to listen but not responding to a call to repentance.  This leads us to ask for your partnership in prayer.

Please pray that the hearts of the people that we are ministering to will be softened during the times when we are not present.  Pray that as they see the creation of God in their travels, our posts on Instagram and TikToc, and come across people of faith, this will help in the process of their submission to the KIng of kings.  Pray also for our preparation as we have time between meetups to know what to speak and how to speak it. Pray for the opportunities to arise during these times and the boldness to seize the opportunities.  

Other prayer requests we have are for no more problems with the van!  It seems like everywhere we go something else happens and we have to fix it.  And fixing it is not cheap!  Pray that God gives us the means and the ability to handle whatever problems arise in a life on the road.  Pray also for our health.  Again we have realized that traveling through different climates affects our bodies in adverse ways. We have sore throats, difficult breathing, and tired bodies (doesn’t sound like the instagram life huh? But we wouldn’t have it any other way!). Also pray that we find places to park and camp so that we can work and prepare for our next events. 

Lastly, we would like to ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us monetarily.  If God lays it upon your heart to support us on our mission to reach this unreached community please click HERE.  If he hasn’t called you to support us monetarily, we can’t argue with God! But continue to support us through prayer.  

If you would like to meet up with us if you are in the area we are in check out this page HERE and see where we are or where we will be headed next.  Thanks so much for your support and God bless you as you live out your life for the glory of God!

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