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Holy Toledo

Toledo, OR, USA

How God Worked!

What an amazing experience Holy Toledo was! We met a ton of people, did our first chapel service, and gained a few friends in the faith to grow our community! Man God did some amazing work!

Holy Toledo was hosted in a small town in Orgeon right next to the river. A beautiful place to be. Many vanlifers and nomadic people turned up to enjoy music, food, community, and fun. Among these people were those with open minds to new ideas and a willingness to listen. It was good to talk with all the people we got a chance to meet.

The highlight of the event for us was the chapel service we hosted. It was the first time we were able to do something like this. It was a great success in that we got to gain a small community of believers that showed up. We prayed for one another, worshiped together, and shared stories of what vanlife and faith look like. We also had the opportunity to encourage one another in our true mission to share the love of God with others. An example of this was our love for music. Many of us don’t know too many secular songs on the guitar to sing around campfires. But we were encouraged because as we played music many people stopped to enjoy the music or record the experience. In this time we realized that music may give us opportunities to testify of the goodness of God to others when normally someone may be unwilling to listen.

But it also gave us a chance to proclaim a clear presentation of the gospel. Even though there were not any non christians (from what I assume but only God knows) at the service, the gospel was presented loud enough that those around could hear. This was evident in that when we played music our neighbors would come to stop and listen. This is encouraging because maybe the words of the gospel spoken will penetrate the hearts of the hearers and when we arrive at our next event they may come to the service or talk with us about our faith and love for Jesus.

If you would like to support us in prayer, pray that God directs us to our next journey. We are trying to decide where to go and how to continue doing services and having them placed on the schedule. Also pray for our bodies physically. Living in a cramped space can wreak havoc if we do not get proper stretching and activity. And finally pray that we make the most of every opportunity with boldness and that we stay encouraged on the mission field. With every rejection discouragement sets in and satan uses that to wage war on our ideas of effectiveness in the ministry and even our desire to minister.

If you would like to give monetarily click HERE. We would love for you to partner with us in the work of God’s ministry!

May God bless you and be with you. We will see you at the next event!

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