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Tucson, AZ, USA

How God Worked!

God did some amazing things here at Escapade. We saw lots of people and were welcomed into a great community of RV lifers and a Christian community amongst them. Daily devotionals were held as well as seminars on how to serve while living this type of lifestyle. That seminar was particularly helpful because one of the things that is important in our relationship with God is serving. This is one of the things I struggled to figure out. I didn't know how or where to send those who come to know Christ in our mission. But here at Escapade I found many opportunities for service that will be a place I can point believers toward while doing ministry. Another way we saw we could serve is by volunteering during these events. We came across so many people who volunteered and saw that as a volunteer we would be able to see and talk with more people that come to the rallies. Each event God has shown us a way to be more intentional and effective in his ministry!

We are excited about the community of Christians we have met here and are anticipating joining S.O.W.E.R ministries (servants on wheels ever ready) to serve churches while out on the road. Continue to pray that God gives us opportunities to share the gospel and to have fellowship with other believers! This event was definitely a bit different than what we thought it was going to be. Because it was an older generation there were more professing Christians. This next event will be the absolute opposite. Pray that we are bold in sharing the gospel and that the hearts of the vanlifers are open to receive it! We will catch you at the next event!