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Descend on Pinnacles

Pinnacles, California, USA

How God Worked!

Descend on Pinnacles has come and gone. Wow! Time is flying! This time as you may know, we had our sign posted on the side of the van. We were so excited about this! And at our first event with its use we had mixed reviews. Some people seemed to steer clear of our camp because of what it said, others wanted to ask questions in regards to it, and others spoke differently around us when they finally did notice the sign. We love it and are glad we have it, we believe it will ultimately help us to impact lives around us.

Well Descend was a fun time. We did meet plenty of new people and got a chance to re-engage with others we saw at other events. We connected with a few ladies that traveled together; we kept seeing them again and again and had deeper conversations about spirituality and faith. We also found that they are kind of on the same path we are in our travels. We know we will see them again in the next event and hope to connect even further. One is a friend in the faith and we hope that she might influence her friend, who is spiritual but not religious, to think more about her ideas about Jesus, faith, and the Scriptures. If you can keep them in your prayers, that would be great!

We also found that all vanlifers are not the same. What we anticipated to be young singles or couples, we quickly found that married couples with multiple kids are living this lifestyle, seeking adventure and freedom in a nomadic lifestyle. We are hoping to engage more with these families. We believe God may reach these parents through their children. Speaking openly about God and his goodness may prompt these children to ask questions to their parents which may allow the Spirit to stir their hearts to him. In this way, when we share the gospel, these questions will already be laid upon their minds and hearts

Please continue to pray for us as we share the gospel to those in the nomadic community. Pray that we begin to find people who are friendly to the gospel and will be partners with us in sharing the good news to those we encounter. Pray that the lady I referenced early who is in the faith and traveling with a non-believing friend would be an influence on her so that when we meet again her friend will be receptive to the gospel. And finally continue to pray for places to stay. Pray that we would find safe places to camp out and be able to connect with more people.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers! We will see you after the next event!

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