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Bus Bonanza

Danville, GA, USA

How God Worked!!

God is moving through the nomadic community.  And God is revealing to us more clearly what it is he would have us to do and become!  We had a great time at this festival as we shared intimate time with many people.  This definitely was a growing season for us in the eastern part of the states.

God first revealed to us what a community could look like as nomads travel and fellowship together at various events in their travels.  We were partakers in witnessing a community that had a wealth of christian leaders that would be there to give spiritual guidance, prayer, and discuss the scriptures.  This is the community we desire to build.  We got to see it in action!  

There is a level of difference in the people that we are seeking to reach and the people that we were in community with for the past few months (and this event in particular).  This community was made of mostly families with both young and teenage children.  The brokenness is the same, but the environment it is in was different. The people to whom we will largely minister to will not be made up of families with children (though there will be some) but it will be with singles and couples.  

Another difference in the community that we would minister to is the level of travel.  Because of the type of rig the accessibility to certain areas and the time of stay in those areas change.  This is important because of the duration of the time with the people that we do encounter.  It is all the more important for us to build those foundations in the relationship.   However, God has given us some clear directions in how we can operate in our ministry.

An amazing connection also gained during Bus Bonanza was with a missionary who is working both in the skoolie community and in the deaf community.  Her primary job is as a missionary to the deaf but as she travels to support and build awareness in that area she has gathered a loving home in the skoolie community as well and has been ministering to them.  With her time in the community as a chaplain of sorts she has given us suggestions to further our goal in ministering to the nomad community. She has been a wealth of knowledge in understanding how to better minister and reach nomads. 

Overall Bus Bonanza was a great adventure, a wonderful learning experience, and an excellent place of friendship building.  We are glad we went and definitely grew because of it.  Sometimes we are ministered to rather than being the ministers.  God is good in that way.  Now we are headed to Texas for Easter and the eclipse.  If you are there,  we’ll see you soon!

If you would like to support us in prayer please pray that God would allow us to use what we have learned here to increase the influence of our ministry going forward.  Also be praying for safety in travel as we have a lot of spaced out events to head to.  Please pray for doctors appointments Paul has coming up. 

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