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Adventure Van Expo

San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA

How God Worked!

Adventure VanExpo was so fun! Again we got to check out tons of vans and meet so many vendors to try and make our van even better than it already is! There were so many people that we got to interact with and help them to get into this fun nomadic lifestyle. Adventure VanExpo happened over two events. One was in Southern California and the other in Northern California. This particular event was one that was more of what the name mentions, an expo on all things vanlife. However, we did get to meet someone and share a meal and talk about spiritual things. He was new to this nomadic lifestyle and was looking for things to do as he starts his journey. We told him about the next event we were going to, Descend on Pinnacles, and exchanged numbers. We will definitely keep in touch but hope to see him at Descend in the coming weekend.

A quick update as well! While in the area for this event our family at Clarksville Second Baptist donated signs for our van! We are excited because now as we enter into the festivals and expos we can make it known that we are there for spiritual counseling and guidance if needed in any situation! We know the sign works too! On the first day we put the signs on we stopped at Stinson Beach near San Francisco (what a beautiful place!) and when we were leaving a lady stopped us and asked us to pray with her! We were so excited to be able to pray and minister to her as she lives this nomadic lifestyle as well. We invited her to one of our online bible studies and hope to continue to stay in contact with her. God is just so good!

As we continue to go to these events please pray for the hearts of those we meet will be open to the message of the gospel. No one has been openly hostile (which is great!) but we have yet to see anyone that has committed to following Jesus. We see God moving, but we know he has more in store. Pray also for places to stay in between events. It is a lot more difficult for us to find free camping than we initially thought. Looking for campsites has been a draining situation mentally, physically and financially. Pray that we are wise in destination choices so we can come in contact with the most people and can be safe when we camp. And finally pray for us as we head to our next event Descend on Pinnacles. This will be more of a camp and hang out event with many people in the nomadic community. Pray that we fall into a good group and are able to share the gospel.

See you in the next update!

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