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Adventure Van Exp Austin

Austin, TX, USA

How God Worked!!

Adventure Van Expo Austin was full of vans and people.  We were back in a bit of our normal element because these were vanlife people instead of skoolie people. It still wasn’t home yet because of the type of event it was (an expo rather than community gathering) but it still felt good to be back in the element.  

There were a lot of people that came out and it was exciting.  We saw so many faces that we prayed with, chatted about the ministry, and talked about life.  The people we were around (though they were in vans) were mostly vendors from around the Texas area.  This made it more difficult to connect with some of our neighbors.  Our plan was to be around different DIY builders in our community but I think the host got confused by our sign on our sliding door.  Since he saw that he thought we were vendors under the company Trust in Jesus Ministries.  

Having the sign has been great and we love it, but sometimes it makes for a difficult time to reach people.  We believe because of the sign on our van many are detracted from coming up to us about questions on our van.  We see many people randomly stopping by others vans to look at them while ours they cautiously stay away.  We ask you to pray that our sign would be a light to draw others rather than repel.  But what do they say? Turn lemons to lemonade!  That's what we did!  Because no one naturally migrated to our van we just began engaging them with the kindness and love of God.  Maybe our sign repelled them but our heart for God and people drew them.  

At this event we were able to hand out bracelets and tracks for the people looking at vans.  It was wonderful to see kids responding to the bracelets. We were able to give a card that helped to explain the colors of the bracelet which presents the gospel to each of the kids.  We are now trying to think of a way to do this but for adults at events when we do these types of events.

Overall the event was a success.  God is moving in this community and we would love for you to be involved.  If you would like to give monetarily, check out our support us tab where there is an option for a monthly or one time donation to support us in serving this nomadic community.  Prayer requests are available there as well if you would like to lift us up to the Father.  

If you're interested in having us come and share what we do in our eVANgLIFE ministry, hold a class on our discipleship curriculum, or just have Paul preach at your church or event click here.  

Thanks so much for your support and we’ll see you at the next event!

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