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YHWH Yireh (Jehovah Jireh)

I’ve been reading through the saga of Joseph and what has struck me has been God’s provision. Even in the difficult times where Joseph was struck down for no reason, God provided.  And even the reason he was struck down was so that he could provide for others through God’s wisdom and insight.  The greater whole of Genesis shows the provision of God as El Shadaii the Almighty God uses his power to provide for his children.  

This has helped me a lot reading through that story and Genesis as a whole.  Seeing God’s faithfulness to his people has bolstered my faith through some trials that have been occuring in my life.  Recently I have had medical issues and it has been quite the struggle. I’ve been contemplating going to get medical help or just toughing it out because the insurance we carry doesn’t help with the majority of the things I need (you can bet I’ll get the normal insurance again on open enrollment).  And here even more recently Grace has been sick.  And it just continues to develop into something worse rather than her getting better.  What a year it has been! Money has now definitely become an issue. But God has seen us through.

Everytime we feel something has been way above what we can afford, a discount is applied and the bill is a third or even half what we were initially supposed to pay. The Almighty provides.  The most recent testimony of God’s provision has been at Grace’s work.  When this sickness continued to progress instead of getting better, HR provided her with PTO to take care of those days.  That was such a blessing because her job is the main source of income that allows us to minister to the people God has called us to. God provides. 

When Abraham is on the mountain and God provides a lamb for the sacrifice, that is the first time that particular name of God is claimed.יְהוָ֣ה ׀ יִרְאֶ֑ה It is translated Yahweh provides, but normally it would be translated as Yahweh sees.  This makes sense because God sees my need and makes provision for it.  I know it gets tough and sometimes I lose my focus but God doesn’t.  He sees me and my needs and he provides for it in every circumstance.  He did so in the life of Joseph.  He did so in the life of Abraham.  And he is doing so in the lives of Grace and I.  May I ever be reminded and may these words be a reminder to you reading that God sees you, your need, and will provide.  So may you trust in his faithfulness more.

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