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The Rightful King on His Throne

Grace and I love visiting churches while we are out on the road. It’s an opportunity to fellowship with other believers. There is something about coming together with the people of God and fellowshiping. There is nothing like it! While we were at a church in the Las Vegas area I heard a theme from the bible that, though I knew it was true, I hadn’t thought of it in that way. And recently as I’ve been reading Genesis this theme returned to my mind. This is the Vacant Throne theme.

In the very beginning God created man to rule over the earth. We were to cultivate and care for the animals and the plants of the earth. We were to have a loving rule, but sin destroyed this. The result of the sin in the garden was an expulsion from the garden and an abdication of the throne. Ever since that time others have been trying to sit on the throne.

There’s been evil kings who want to rule the world. We have in ancient times Pharoah. God demonstrated through his deliverance of the Hebrew people that he was not the rightful ruler. He was humbled in the death of his first born. We also have Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He was made low, made to walk and look like a beast of the field. God demonstrated he was not the rightful ruler. There were others like Alexander the Great (died young) Julius Caesar (betrayed by his best friend) who God did not accept their rulership. Even modern times with Napoleon, Hitler, Stalen, all rejected by God and have no claim to the throne.

There have also been good kings. But these kings, no matter how benevolent they were, still were broken and sinful and therefore were not worthy to rule the world. David, as great as he was, fell to lustful desire and succumbed to murderous intent. Solomon, who was the wisest to ever live, fell victim to his own wisdom (thinking he could create peace through marriage alliances) and turned to other gods. Kings whose legacies are great all fell prey to the power of sin.

Jesus refers to himself as the son of man often during his time walking these roads. Have you ever wondered why? He is alluding to the vision that Daniel saw. Daniel said he saw one like the son of man on the clouds of heaven and was presented before God. And the one like the son of man was given dominion over all the world (Daniel 7:13-14). Daniel got a foretaste of the one who is worthy to sit on the throne. John had a vision as well. In his vision a scroll was brought to him but none could open it. There was no one who was worthy and because of that John wept bitterly. However, the angel announced that there was one who was worthy. It was a lamb who looked dead but was alive. Then a little further in the vision John heard the angels exclaiming the worthiness of this lamb to sit on the throne and have dominion forever. They said it was because he gave his life. This lamb is also Jesus.

Ever since the sin of Adam, the fall of man, there has been a throne that many have tried to usurp but have not been able to keep it because they were not worthy. But over 2000 years ago a man received the throne and now presently sits on it for he gave his life so that the world may be saved. For this he was worthy to be seated and reign over all creation. His act was the mandate of Adam. To cause the world to flourish in his rulership. Through the sacrifice of Jesus all things will be made right; the animals, the plants, the weather, and the people. This is because the rightful king is on the throne. The question has to be asked though, have you submitted to the king? Or are you trying to establish your own kingdom? Is the rightful king on the throne of your life?

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