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Run to Jesus

Do you run after Jesus like the crowds in the scriptures? That's my question to you today. They heard of the power of Jesus and if they recognized it was him they went to where he was immediately. The crowds seemingly dropped everything and went to him. They knew he could provide. That’s why they went. Mark states that when they recognized him they went to where he would be and when Jesus stepped off the boat (that's how he traveled to some places) he was met with large crowds. It even said that those same crowds had brought all types of people who were sick and needed heeling. They would try and touch only his garments because they knew if they could just get close they would be made well.

Is this how we feel about Jesus? Is this how we feel about our God? I mean those crowds weren’t his friends. They didn’t trust Jesus with their lives completely. They didn’t recognize him as one who could heal them mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They didn’t have him as one who fills with living water and brings eternal life. They only saw him as meeting a physical need. They wanted him to meet the immediate need. They didn’t know him personally or intimately. They only heard of him, and that was enough to get them to where Jesus was.

We know him personally. We know him intimately. We know him as Savior and trust him as King. We have a greater knowledge of his faithfulness, a deeper understanding of his compassion, and a fuller grasp of his love. So then why are we not overwhelmed and enthralled with being with our Lord? Why are we not running to be with him in every second? I ask this of myself as well as you because who else will love us more? I want to be and need to be at the feet of Jesus. He alone has the power to heal, build, and establish. What is my heart longing for? Where do I turn when hope seems just beyond my grasp. The crowds longed for healing of every kind of disease (Mark 6:55). I know he brings healing and rest for my soul. Will I run after and reach for him? Or will I stay tethered to this world? What will you do?

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I am a servant of Jesus looking to grow everyday in knowing my savior more.  I am married to the most amazing woman. I have an MDiv from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and I am looking to pursue my Doctorate soon.


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