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Planet Fitness and the Gospel

Living on the road is a lot of fun, but there are some slight inconveniences that do occur.  One of these inconveniences is showers.  Now that Grace and I have been trying to strength train we have been needing showers even more frequently (like I said for those who shower daily it is a bit different living in a van). So, we do have an outdoor shower that we use at times but we still have to watch how much water we use. In comes Planet Fitness!  

What a wonderful concept! You can go to any Planet Fitness gym in the US as long as you have the black card membership. We work out and then shower. The black card is definitely worth thinking about getting if you decide to get into this nomadic lifestyle.   

While Planet Fitness definitely is a blessing, there are some very real problems.  Not all PF’s are created equal.  There are some that are space age in quality and some that are let’s just say less than desirable.  

There is a particular PF in the Fort Worth area that Grace and I frequent.  It is a decent quality and we have acquaintances there because of the amount of time we spend in the area at times. But the showers are a bit of a problem.  The hot water is lacking.  But there is a hack!  For some reason if another faucet is running then the hot water works.  But if you do not do that you will be inundated with cold water for days.  So if you ever go there just run another shower and you will be fine.  

And just like I have told you this, I tell others as well. I spread the gospel of the hot water shower.  It's important to me that no one suffers from the stinging pain of cold showers. So I let people know.  One day as I was getting out of the shower someone was getting in.  I wanted to let him know (I guess I could have just left my shower on but I felt like he needed to know) to keep the shower I had running on so he would have hot water.  So there I am standing and there he is standing both unclothed.  

Now we all know how embarrassing it is to be naked in front of another human being.  We feel ashamed. This reason goes all the way back to our first parents Adam and Eve.  When they sin against God in the garden they realized their nakedness and were ashamed.  Their eyes (and ours now) were opened to another reality.  Our pride and desire for autonomy resulted in this feeling that brings people nightmares (we’ve all had that dream where you’re on stage naked).  

So, I’m in my shameful state and I decide to tell this other man in his shameful state that he needs to keep this shower running so he can avoid the woes of a cold shower.  I pushed past my uneasiness for the good of this brother who I do not even know. For what? Salvation from a short time of discomfort?  

I think you know where I’m going with this.  How important is the eternal soul to me?  If I risk embarrassment and shame for a warm shower will I do the same for a life with the most wonderful being in all the universe?  What is most ironic to me about this whole situation is that in my shameful state of nakedness I present an opportunity for hot showers yet sometimes it is difficult for me to share the gospel which is the opposite state of shame but power and glory.  Paul writes to the Romans that he is not ashamed because the gospel has the “power to save”.  How can I deem testifying to the power of God more shameful than telling someone about how to get a hot shower in the nude!  The gospel has the power to reverse the curse! That’s why Paul said he wasn’t ashamed.  The power of the gospel can undue what was done when Adam sinned against God.  We should not be ashamed of the gospel because the shame that became in sin, is overcome in Christ. We have a home with God through Christ.

In the end that is where the shame comes from is it not?  In nakedness all is revealed. And we all got some stuff we definitely do not want out for all to see.  But in Christ all is laid bare.  Nothing is hidden. And the beautiful thing about that is he does not care.  He accepts us (matter of fact he chooses us) anyway. He knows all the sick stuff we have done (because there is no hiding from him) and he still wants us.  That is why we can be unashamed of the gospel. Should we not want this for others?  Absolutely!  If you know Christ then join with me today to make the commitment to testify and evangelize.  If you do not know him, get to know him today.  Check out how you can do that at this link HERE.        

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