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A Lesson Learned from Vanlife Struggles

I had a leak in my water tank in the van and had a massive water problem. I had to replumb my water and rip up the vinyl planks and replace them. It was a task! But I did and it was easier than I thought it would be because I knew how to do it. I built the van myself.

But what came to mind while I was working on the van was how well do we know the scriptures? Is my faith my own? Or do I only know what I know through someone else? Don’t get me wrong, teachers are great! They are called by God to lead us to know him more, but is that the only reason we know about God? In Acts Paul was preaching to the Bereans and they received the word with joy. But what they did was checked to see if what Paul was preaching was true (Acts 17:11). When the struggles of life hit us and all we know is what someone has told us, we may come to find that what they said wasn’t true. And it can destroy us. But if what we believe is based on what God reveals about himself in the scriptures, then we can have confidence that we’re going to make it through because of what God has said and not man.

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