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Visiting Family

God has blessed us with the opportunity to meet with family.  They are one of the reasons Grace has become the women she is. It was a joy to be with them and feel rejuvenated and ready to start our ministry to the Lord. Check out the story in Grace's blog post.

Let the Exploration Begin!

We have got to see so much of God's beautiful creation as we have set out on our journey in the van.  This is one of the things we wanted to do as we spread the gospel.  Seeing God's creation is what vanlifers are about, so we will use this to start gospel conversations.

Image by GeoJango Maps

Plans in Place!!

We have got our itinerary set up for the main events that we will be going.  We are still navigating what places we will stop in between these main events. But we want to keep these places more flexible so that when we begin building community we have the freedom to travel with them and continue in discipleship. Check out our map and event schedule so you can follow along with where we are and what we are doing!

Discipleship Curriculum

The curriculum for discipleship has almost been completed.  All that's left is to consolidate, edit, memorize, and test. Sounds like a lot, but the bulk of the job has already been done.  Pray that this goes smoothly so we can begin implementing this strategy for building disciple makers in the vanlife community.

Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk
Woman with Bible

Prayer Requests

  • The hearts of the people of whom we will be witnessing.

  • Boldness when encountering the lost.

  • New work requirements in Grace's job and that these will not inhibit our ministry.

  • Prayer for final editing and readiness of discipleship curriculum.

  • Our propane regulator and that we can find a reasonable cost effective fix.

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