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Thanks for Your Support!

We are honored that you have given to help us in our ministry here at Trust in Jesus Ministries.  We have dedicated our lives to help others grow in their trust in the Sovereign Creator of the universe.  Know that your gift will go towards the resources to see God change lives. Check below for some of the things you are helping to support.

Click the button below to receive your gift for blessing us with your financial support!


#eVANgLIFE is our main ministry where we travel across the United States ministering as chaplains to the nomadic community.  We serve as pastors, counselors, teachers, and friends to many who share in this lifestyle.  Our aim is first to evangelize the lost.  We want to see those in this community to become a part of the greatest community, an eternal kingdom found only in placing saving trust in Jesus Christ.   Second is to foster spiritual community.  We want others to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Living a nomad lifestyle can leave one isolated.  We want to change this by helping grow a living relationship with the God of the universe through prayer and scripture reading in conjunction with a living community of believers gathering together for worship in song, prayer, and word. Third we want to offer spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical support to those who may be lacking in the nomadic community. We want to be the hands and feet of Christ who has called us. And fourth we want to be a light to a world who may see Christians somehow separate from Christ.  We want to show how followers of Christ should live in a broken yet beautiful world.

Discipleship and Growth Material

Trust in Jesus Ministries was created so that we can learn to trust in Jesus.  The purpose is in the name.  The way this happens is through discipleship.  Today, discipleship seems to be an illusive thing and here at TIJM we want to eliminate this.  This is one of our main goals.  In order to do this we have tasked ourselves with creating video, audio, and reading material that is simple, relevant, and engaging to help in this much needed area.  Our purpose is to try and start the steps in helping to have a clear understanding of what discipleship means and how to do it.  But we have only scratched the surface.  Check out some of the ways we are getting this started by clicking on one of the buttons below. 

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